britney spears – womanizer

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 189 | 13.01.2017

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Lirik "womanizer" dari Britney Spears ini dipublikasikan pada tanggal 4 September 2009 oleh tdomf_b3f21 dalam katalog Lagu Barat. Lagu ini masih berupa single.

superstar,where you from ? how's it going
i know you,got a clue what you doing ?
you can play brand new to all
the other chicks out here
but i know what you are
what you are,baby

look at you,getting more than just a re-up
baby you,got all the puppets with their strings up
fakin' like a good one but i call 'em
like i see 'em
i know what you are
what you are baby

you're womanizer
oh womanizer oh
you're womanizer,baby
you you you are
you you you are

**baby don't try to front
uh i know just just what you are ah ah
baby don't try to front
uh i know just just what you are ah ah
you got me going you're oh so charming
but i can't do it you're womanizer

daddy-o you got the swagger of a champion
too bad for you you just can't find the right companion
i guess when you have one too many
makes it hard it could be easy
who you are
that's just who you are baby

lollipop must mistake me you're the sucker
to think that i would be a victim not another
say it
play it how you wanna ?
but no way i'm ever gonna fall for you
never you baby

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britney spears – womanizer
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